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Sodium bicarbonate

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详细描述Detailed description
  1. Chemical name: Sodium bicarbonate
  2. Molecular formula: NaHCO3
  3. Molecular weight: 84.01
  4. Cas  No.:144-55-8
  5. Character: It is white crystalline powder or granular, odorless and salty. Easily soluble in water. Insoluble in alcohol ,Aqueous solution is alkalinity. Decomposed when heating, decomposed slowly when exposed to moist air.
  6. Usage: In food industry , it is used as acidity modifier, CO2 Propellant or used in feedstuff, drug ,medicine, film, mineral selection, metallurgy , fiber and rubber, or used as detergent and fire extinguish agent.
  7. Packing: It is packed with polyethylene bag as inner layer and a compound plastic woven bag as outer layer. The net weight is 25kgs,50kgs or 1000kgs jumbo bag.
  8. Storage and transportation: It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse ,kept away from heat and moisture. Unloaded with care so as to avoid damage. Further more it must be stoved separately from poisonous substances.



Test ItemStandard  FCCVII
Content (NaHCO3) w/%99-100.5%
Loss on drying w/%  ≤0.2
Arsenic(As) (mg/kg)≤1.0
Ph(10g/l water solution)<8.5
Heavy metals(as Pb) mg/kg ≤5.0
Chloride (as Cl)≤0.4
Ammonium saltPass test
ClarityPass test